Alhaji Kromah Page


Lessons and Reflections on the Past Present and the Future


Alhaji G. V. Kromah Academic Sojourn



  • SJD- Doctor of Juridical Science (Candidate) 

AU Washington College of Law

Washington DC 



  • LL.M. Master of Law  (High Honors )

International Legal Studies

Dual Specialization: Intl. Business Law & Intl. Humanitarian  Law

(Intl. Business Law Track: Oil/Gas;  Aviation;  Trade; Corporation) 

(Humanitarian Law  Track: Human Rights, Intl. Org.; Intl. Law)

AU Washington College of Law

Washington DC 2003


  •  LL.B. - Bachelor of Law  (Honors)

General Law: International Law; Corporation; Contracts;

Property; Admiralty; Constitution; Torts; etc.

Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law

University of Liberia

Monrovia 1988


  • MA - Communication  (High Honors)

Journalism & Public Affairs

Graduate School of Communication                                                  

The American University

Washington, D.C. l981


  • MA -  International Relations (High Honors)

IBB Graduate School of International Affairs

University of Liberia

Monrovia Completed 2004,  Conferred 2009



  • BA - Economics      

College of Business & Public Administration

University of Liberia

Monrovia 1977



  • Post Graduate Studies 


University of Maryland

College Park, USA, 1982



  • Professional Diploma

A+ Computer Technology 

Infotech  Training Institute

Silverspring,  Maryland, USA




  • Certificate - Microsoft Applications

Compuclub, Silverspring,  Maryland, USA




Secondary School:  St. Patrick High School, Monrovia

Jr. High School: Assemblies of  God Mission School, Monrovia

Elementary School: C.D.B. King Elementary School, Monrovia