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Kromah Wants  Speedy Appointment of UL Officials      

-Calls for Increased Government Support

Posted July 20, 2008


Monrovia, July 3, 2008:- Prof. Alhaji G. V. Kromah of the University of Liberia has called on the Board of Trustees to speed up the selection process for a new President and two Vice Presidents for the University. He said for the purpose valuable continuity, at least two of the UL officials should be selected from the current faculty.

A vacancy for the President of the University was created with the recent appointment of its President, Dr. Alhasan Conteh, as Liberia’s Ambassador to Nigeria. The Vice Presidents for Administration and Academic Affairs are yet to be appointed.

In a press release issued in Monrovia, Prof. Kromah said the challenges of the institution are complex and do not need an indefinite period of transition to a new leadership. He said as the rainy season progresses, student and faculty transport to the Fendell campus outside of Monrovia needs to be sustained. The former UL Board of Trustee member said the new administration has to also deal with unsolved problems of textbooks, student tuition, as well as faculty salary in the face of the growing cost of living. The computerization of the University’s record system project has to be completed soon and the A.M Dogliotti College of Medicine has to be given special attention in relation to the country’s mounting health problems.

Kromah congratulated Dr. Conteh for several important achievements, including the introduction of the tri-semester system that has reduced the graduating time of students while upgrading the quality of education.

Meanwhile, Prof. Kromah has called on the National Legislature to make significant increase in the government’s financial support to the University in the next Fiscal Period. He said the recurrent budget of the Institution should be prioritized as international aid goes toward infrastructure and capital development of the University.


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